John’s Story

I came down with aseptic meningitis in October 1995. Because of some unusual and puzzling circumstances I lost all of my memory. I have had to learn how to read and write along with everything else all over again. My motor skills were also affected which resulted in my having to learn to walk and talk as well. I still have many physical limitations, but God has helped me so wonderfully! I love Him dearly, and I love hurting people!

I tell people, “I may have to be sick, but I don’t have to be grouchy about it!” I have a good time! I now travel as an evangelist around America telling people how good the Lord is especially when you are hurting!

I call my ministry “God Is So Good Ministries.” I am located here in Rose Bud, Arkansas. Population 420 when everybody is home!

I have a wonderful wife I call “My Donna” that has been so good to help through all the many trials we have gone through. I had even forgot that we were married or even what marriage was, but once I found out what it was, I sure did like it! God still helps me with daily battle with pain in the form of back problems and severe headaches. God helped to focus on two of God’s attributes in particular that helped me through our darkest hours — God is always good and God is always right!

I hope I will be a blessing to you and others through this web site. You can learn more of God’s help and goodness to me and others through materials offered on the site!

God is so good!
Bro. John